Outdoor maintenance of mink fur piping

Sep. 18, 2017

Mink Fur Piping is a warm and beautiful winter cold good thing, fluffy texture and luxury, luxury style makes women more elegant and fashionable.

1, do not use sharp things to scratch the mink fur piping, sharp injuries to fur will be great.

2, don't spray perfume on mink fur pipings. Alcohol in perfume will make the hair hard and brittle, the oil will sometimes give off a bad smell.

3, don't try to use a comb to your fur carding. If the fur on the hair is not smooth, curly, knot and so on, I suggest you send it to the professional department to deal with.

4, you don't have to give up furs because of the rain and snow. If the fur surface is wet, the surface raindrop shake off, then it will be hung in a cool dry place to dry naturally.

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mink fur piping


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